Making A Vision Board

A few of the world’s most influential thought leaders like Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Oprah, for starters all agree: It’s entirely possible to turn your dreams into truth. It’s called manifestation.

Well, that and effort. It’s not overall magic, however. And it’s not something that happens overnight. For success with symptom, you need to set your intent. You’ll need to think that what you see will become your reality.

From there, you’ll then take active actions towards making that abstract concept come to fruition.

But what exactly is a vision board? In other words: It’s a graph of your goals. These poster-sized or digital visuals contain all types of images and text that represent something you’re attempting to achieve.

A vision board associates your life with the direction you’d like it to go. There are actually no rules when it pertains to vision boards, since it has to do with crafting something that will influence you to recognize your dreams and objectives on a day-to-day basis.

Some vision boards focus on a singular concept, while others take a look at the larger image of what you may want the future to appear like.

In this article, you’ll want to grab a snack such as Topsy’s popcorn and keep reading to learn more about creating your vision board.

Types of Vision Boards

The visual elements you may want to include or address in your vision board should preferably represent an extensive view of all areas of your life. This includes your health, profession, financial resources, relationships, house, hobbies, individual development, and travel objectives.

There are two popular types of vision boards: physical and digital. Each one serves its purpose based on the individual. If you are are mainly on your laptop or desktop, a digital vision board may be a great idea. If you’re someone who enjoys diy projects, then creating a physical board may be for you.

Hosting a Vision Board Party

Making vision boards with family and friends is a fantastic method to assist everyone to focus on being positive. This activity offers everyone involved a sense of empowerment over how they wish to live their lives.

To begin, be sure you have the supplies you need. Pinterest is a great place to visit to find out just what to get.

Next, go around the table and have all participants state their names and what they intend to achieve with their vision board. For example, the primary functions of a vision board could be to live healthier, travel, or earn more.


For a festive vision board party with adult guests, you’ll want to serve mimosas or red wine and popcorn to snack on. It’s always a good idea to have some enjoyable non-alcoholic beverages on hand like carbonated water, juice, and craft sodas.

Bottom Line

A vision board, whether digital or physical, is a great way to concentrate on what you wish to accomplish. When you make your vision board, display it where you can see it every day, it will remind you of the bigger image and what your focus in life is.

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