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How To Create A Popcorn Snack For Your Dog

We explain what you need to know about how dogs can be affected by the ingredients in popcorn, and how to prepare a canine-friendly popcorn treat.

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Get A Discount For Dad On Topsy’s Popcorn

Dad deserves the best, so get him a tin of delicious Topsy's popcorn for Father's Day and save $5 with the code POPS.

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Who Invented Caramel Popcorn?

We look at the history of caramel popcorn, a staple salty-sweet snack and one of our most popular flavored gourmet popcorn offerings.

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Why Do People Eat Popcorn At The Movies?

In American culture, popcorn and movies just go together. Even if you’re having a movie night at home instead of going to a theater, you might find that the experience just doesn’t feel right without popcorn. That’s when you turn to Topsy’s!

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Topsy’s Popcorn is a Kansas City area tradition for over 60 years. Our customers know it’s true when we say Topsy’s is the taste of tradition. We specialize in flavored popcorn and offer custom popcorn tins to serve any occasion! Whether you choose favorites such as: cinnamon popcorn, caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn or are looking for mixed popcorn bags or popcorn gift tins, tasting the magic of Topsy’s has never been easier! Our online shop delivers our magic all around the world!

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