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Three Ways to Create Wedding Popcorn Favors

Wedding popcorn favors will make your special day all the sweeter. It’s a family-friendly snack that kids and adults love. The butter on top is that popcorn can make your wedding even more beautiful. Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate popcorn into your wedding décor. Wedding Popcorn Cart Make your vintage wedding […]

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10 Fun Cheese Facts

True food lovers should know a few fun cheese facts. These delicious slices of information are sure to be a hit at fondue parties and trivia nights. Fun Cheese Facts: Cheese production is an ancient art dating to 6000 B.C.E. Pieces of pottery with holes found in Switzerland are believed to be early cheese strainers. […]

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Best Snacks for Chiefs Game Day

Every Kansas Citian knows that the city wins every time the Chiefs do. Chief’s fans deserve a trophy for their dedication to come to games no matter the weather and painting the city red. While not everyone can get a Superbowl trophy, bringing the right snack is a touchdown at every watching party. Here are […]

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10 Romantic Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

Love doesn’t have to cost a thing on Valentine’s Day. Yes, diamonds are romantic. But they’re not the only small things that will make that special someone feel the love. Here are ten cheap Valentine’s Day gifts that have them feeling the love: Face Masks: Give the gift of relaxation. A cool face mask soothes […]

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Topsy’s Popcorn is a Kansas City area tradition for over 60 years. Our customers know it’s true when we say Topsy’s is the taste of tradition. We specialize in flavored popcorn and offer custom popcorn tins to serve any occasion! Whether you choose favorites such as: cinnamon popcorn, caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn or are looking for mixed popcorn bags or popcorn gift tins, tasting the magic of Topsy’s has never been easier! Our online shop delivers our magic all around the world!

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