2-Gallon Popcorn Tin

A 2-gallon Topsy’s popcorn gift tin excites even the least of all popcorn enthusiasts! Our popcorn packed 2-gallon tin is the perfect choice for individuals, for small gifts or to bring to any party occasion!

2-gallon tins can be purchased with your selected choice of popcorn flavors including cinnamon, caramel, cheese, kettle corn and more!

You can also bring in an empty tin and refill it with any flavor or mix of gourmet popcorn flavors of your choosing!

Topsy’s popcorn tins guarantee fresh, gourmet, delicious popcorn flavors in a beautiful and decorative tin. Sealed popcorn tins last over three weeks!  Topsy’s tins ensure that your popcorn is kept fresh when stored in a cool and dry place!

cinnamon cheese caramel in tin

Why Choose Topsy’s Popcorn Tins?

Topsy’s flavored popcorn in a 2-gallon tin gives anyone the opportunity to taste the magic of Topsy’s popcorn! A 2-gallon popcorn tin will leave anyone wanting more!

A 2-gallon tin is the perfect starter size or example size to share Topsy’s popcorn with loved ones throughout the world.

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Topsy’s has been serving up delicious popcorn to generations of popcorn lovers since the late 40’s!

So, if you want the good stuff, look no further than Topsy’s Popcorn. We know how to make it, serve it, and keep it tasting delicious for a long time.

There’s just no substitute for the best. Topsy’s Popcorn is the king of popcorn with delicious crispy, crunchy flavors. With its unbeatable quality, it has won over the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike. From classic buttery goodness to creative flavor combinations, Topsy’s has something for every popcorn lover out there.

Taste Kansas City’s tradition for gourmet popcorn with customized flavored popcorn tins for every party and gift occasion!

Topsy’s Popcorn is the perfect anytime snack and the perfect gift. Pick up a tin for yourself or someone you care about today. Topsy’s Popcorn – it’s the good stuff.

Purchase a 2-Gallon Popcorn Gift Tin Today From Topsy’s!

Topsys popcorn tins and flavors

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