3.5-Gallon Popcorn Tin

At Topsy’s, you can get tins of our famous gourmet popcorn in several different sizes. Our 1-gallon tin is great for family movie night, and our 2-gallon tin is a great choice to bring when friends invite you over. But what about big-time popcorn cravings, or occasions where you need a delicious snack for a crowd? Consider our 3.5-gallon popcorn tin.

3.5 Gallon popcorn tins

Did you know that a “serving” of popcorn is defined as two cups? Our 3.5-gallon popcorn tin contains almost 30 servings of delicious, flavored popcorn, making it as go-to for occasions like holiday parties and watching the big game. Our 3.5-gallon popcorn tins come in a variety of attractive designs and keep popcorn fresh and delicious for three weeks or more when sealed.

Flavored Popcorn

Topsy’s has been making popcorn in a variety of tasty flavors for over 60 years. Of course you can’t go wrong with buttered, but we also offer caramel, cheesy, and cinnamon flavors.

Can’t decide? Good news! You don’t have to. You can also order a 3.5-gallon tin with half caramel and half cheese; one-third each of caramel, cheese, and buttered; one-third each of caramel, cinnamon, and cheese; or pick a custom combination of any two or three flavors. When you get a Topsy’s popcorn tin, you’re sure to have something to satisfy every taste.

Is a 3.5-gallon popcorn tin still not enough to satisfy your popcorn fandom or supply snacks for everyone at your event? Not to worry. Check out our gargantuan 6.5-gallon popcorn tin option! Topsy’s offers popcorn tins in sizes and designs for any occasion. Order one for yourself or as a gift today!