Popcorn or Pretzels

Popcorn or pretzels? A tough decision to make, especially if you love both. Popcorn is light, yummy, and easy to make. Pretzels have a delicious crunch that leaves you begging for more. Both are pretty amazing snacks for the entire family.
We’ll answer the questions you’ve always had about your two favorite snacks.

What are Pretzels?

These twisted snacks are of European descent. Countries such as Italy, France, Austria, and Germany were the earliest pretzel lovers. Today, they’re enjoyed in big handheld or tiny cracker-size versions.
Topsys flavors - its the good stuffPretzels are a variant of yeast bread. The base of yeast bread is rye flour or wheat. Pretzels add other ingredients such as water, butter, sugar, and salt to improve the taste.
Pretzels are famous for their twisted knot shape. But it’s not unusual for bakers to get creative and in many other shapes. Like most snacks, they contain an assortment of nutrients. The number of calories varies depending on the size and quantity of ingredients. A classic pretzel is pretty high in carbs and low in protein and fat. Pretzels have other nutrients including sodium, iron, and copper. The big soft pretzels have higher calorie levels than small crunchy pretzels.

What is Popcorn?

Popcorn needs no introduction. From the movie theatres to the comfort of our homes, these white fluffy delights are the light snack. They come from a variant of corn that expands and bursts into their foamy appearance. A scientific study revealed that the hard-shell traps starch and water. This is the reason for the ‘pop’ when heated.

What are the Health Benefits of Popcorn?

Popcorn contains starch and is rich in fiber. Every 24g of Popcorn 3.11g of protein, 1.09g of fat, and approximately 18.67g of carbohydrates.
cinnamon cheese caramel in tinThe significant benefits of eating popcorn include:

Reduces Risk of Hypertension

Popcorn with less added salt or butter helps lower blood sugar or the risk of high blood pressure.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Thanks to its fiber, this snack lowers the risk of cardiovascular and heart disease.

Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

Since Popcorn reduces blood sugar levels, it also helps patients with 2 diabetes. It’s a great snack to maintain desirable lipids and glucose levels.

Helps with Weight Management

Need a healthy snack to manage your weight? Popcorn got you sorted. It is not only low on carbs but also has a low-calorie count and is minimal in fat. Additionally, Popcorn is satiating and relieves the urge to keep eating.

Enjoy the Benefits of Popcorn with Topsy’s

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