Movie Popcorn

Why Popcorn is a Movie Snack

The savory smell. The buttery finish. The Salty kick. The crunchy bite. Popcorn is the favorite, albeit only movie-going snack that Americans and the rest of the world love. So why is popcorn the most popular and addictive movie snack of all time?

It began with popcorn-popping machine inventor Charles Cretors in the 19th century. The invention sparked the mass consumption of popcorn, and the idea first struck Charles while he was residing in Chicago. Before then, people would prepare popcorn on a stove or fire.

He quickly obtained a license to operate the steam-powered popcorn machine on the street, which made it increasingly popular.

Popcorn made Movie Theatres More Profitable.

When movie theatres desperately needed an economic boost, the popcorn machine invention was timely and convenient. Amid the great depression, the popcorn and movie theatre industries teamed up, which increased consumer spending on much cheaper luxury items like movies and popcorn.

Theatres would allow vendors to sell outside the movie hall for a small fee. Since it was also cheap to buy popcorn, it made it a profitable business for sellers and movie theatres. And this is how popcorn started gaining popularity.

The introduction of popcorn stalls in movie theatres kept the industry afloat, and ever since, this savory snack has been a movie-watching staple.

The Alternative Movie Snack was More Expensive.

The alternative snack-the potato chip was not ideal for mass production as sellers could only prepare it in small batches at a time, and it was rather expensive then. As a result, popcorn was an instant hit, as a few kernels could produce a lot of savory popcorn for all moviegoers.

Why is Popcorn So Addictive?

First, it looks delicious, whether plain salted or gourmet. And when it’s heated, it releases strong aroma chemicals that are pleasing. Some food industries even add these chemicals to their ingredients for a more appealing aroma.

Popcorn is versatile too. And you can pair it with so many flavors that can be sweet, spicy, salty, or buttery.

enjoy the taste

The Butter Topping Makes Popcorn Even Tastier.

The popcorn kernels are the same as those at the grocery store, but theatres enhance the taste with butter. Movie theatre popcorn has a buttery topping which makes the popcorn more fluffy, crunchy, and tasty. Thanks to this topping, the taste and aroma of popcorn can be nostalgic for most, bringing back memories of your childhood or the first date.

Some people go to the theatres for popcorn without a care about what’s playing.

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