Did Aztecs Invent Popcorn

A little pop here, a little more there, followed by the rapid bursts, and voila! The pot is full.
It’s almost magical how a little heat transforms hard kernels into fluffy snacks. Have you ever wondered who came up with all this delight? Well, this read will not only leave you craving for a popcorn break but also enlightened.

The History of Popcorn

The origin of popcorn stems back thousands of years ago in South America. It is worth noting that popcorn is the product of a unique maize variant. The maize –otherwise known as kernels- has a tough outer shell. Unlike other varieties of maize, kernels are not edible as they are and can break teeth. But bring a little heat and they burst into their soft yummy flakes, popcorn.
Old Fashioned CinnamonCorncobs were first spotted along the coast of northern Peru. Two Peruvian cities, Paredones and Huaca Prieta ate popcorn in 4700 B.C.E.
The crop became a staple in regions of the Americans. It was even featured in Aztec ceremonies.

Did Aztecs Eat Popcorn?

In the 16th century, Aztec Indians used popcorn for their elaborate ceremonies. The community even had a ‘popcorn dance.’ Young women would dance with their heads adorned in popcorn garlands.
It’s not surprising that Aztecs used this simple yet captivating crop to honor their gods. The bursts of the hard shell into the white flower-like flake were (and are) a wonder. Popcorn kernels were honorary gifts to the gods of water, rain, and fertility.
Popcorn was also an essential food among the Aztecs. The crop became a staple in their diet until they could grow other corn varieties. They cultivated maize suitable for flour, thus a variety of options in food. Popcorn had a special place in their hearts as their descendants continue to eat it years later.
cinnamon cheese caramel in tin
The Aztecs may not have had pots, pans, or microwaves, but they sure enjoyed popcorn the best way they knew how. Historians assume that they roasted popcorn to pop kernels. They threw the grains over coal and flames or heated them in hot sand. Later on, the inhabitants of the northern Peruvian coast invented the first popper. The shallow vessel had a handle and a hole at the top.

Honor the History of Popcorn Today

Let’s flash forward to today.
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