Topsys Popcorn Bundle

Introducing Our Festive Topsy’s Popcorn Bundle

If you’re a fan of popcorn and fun giveaways, Topsy’s Popcorn is rolling out our latest collection of popcorn tins and snack packs – and they’re tastier and shinier than ever!

Popcorn Tins


We’ve always been about blending tradition with taste. And with our newest lineup, we’re bringing the best of both worlds to your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for a snack pack to nibble on during your movie nights or a custom popcorn tin to grace your Super Bowl party, we’ve got you covered. Our designs encapsulate the spirit of Kansas City and are bound to make your snacking experience memorable.

Chiefs and Topsy’s: Kansas City’s Dynamic Duo

Chiefs popcorn tin For those who call Kansas City home, the Chiefs and Topsy’s are more than just a football team and a popcorn brand. They are staples, symbols of our community, and sources of pride. We’ve cheered for the Chiefs on the edge of our seats and celebrated their victories with handfuls of Topsy’s popcorn. The love for both runs deep in our veins. And now, with this fantastic giveaway, you get a taste of both!

If the thought of crunchy, buttery popcorn, stylish swag, and the chance to cheer for the Chiefs live makes your heart pop with joy, don’t wait. Discover the world of Topsy’s Popcorn and get your hands on our exciting new products and stand a chance to be part of our incredible giveaway.

Participate in Our Giveaway!

Here’s the buttery bit! Want to make your popcorn purchase even more rewarding? Say no more. Introducing the Topsy’s Bundle:

– A stylish Topsy’s T-shirt (because who doesn’t love to flaunt their KC pride?)

– 1-gallon of our special Super Bowl tin popcorn (perfect for sharing…or not)

– A medium bag of popcorn (because let’s be honest, one can never have enough popcorn)

With every purchase of this delectable bundle, not only are you getting some of our best offerings, but you also stand a chance to win a $50 Topsy’s and a $50 Pink Dinosaur gift card! But hold onto your kernels, there’s more.

Once you snag that bundle, you’re automatically enrolled for a shot at winning two Chief tickets!

Talk about a win-win, right?

Choose Topsy’s! It’s The Good Stuff!

Each of our participating stores are thrilled to serve our KC community with this awesome bundle. You can elect to visit us by stopping into one of our locations or by visiting us online.

We have the perfect popcorn tin for the upcoming holiday season. Don’t go to the next family event empty handed!

Buy your Topsy’s Popcorn tin Today! It’s the good stuff!