Five Benefits of Ground Cinnamon

What are the benefits of ground cinnamon (besides being the center of a ton of delicious recipes?)

Studies have proven numerous health benefits of cinnamon. So next time you take a bite of Topsy’s cinnamon popcorn, know that it’s good for your body (and soul).

Health Benefits of Ground Cinnamon

  1. Anti-Inflammatory

Researchers have discovered that minerals make cinnamon anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon’s ability to lower glucose levels and blood sugar makes it an effective fighter against the side effects of diabetes. This has the bonus effect of reducing redness and boosting skin appearance.

  1. Sweetness Without Sugar

Looking to cut down on sugar? Cinnamon’s sweetness makes it an ideal alternative to sugar in foods. Use it to amp up lattes, soups, and more.

  1. Antibiotic Properties

The antibiotic properties in cinnamon give it armor to protect the body against bacteria. Cinnamon is often used to boost immunity and fight infections.

  1. Packed with Antioxidants

The Best Kansas City Tradition at TopsysThere are at least 41 compounds that boost the health benefits of cinnamon. It contains several antioxidants, including polyphenols and phenolic acids. These properties make cinnamon a great way to calm physical stress and the effects of chronic disease.

  1. Good for the Heart

Want a simple way to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure? Just add a pinch of cinnamon! Research shows that cinnamon is full of properties that help protect against heart disease.

Add a Pinch of Cinnamon to Your Popcorn

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