Popcorn Decorations

Easy Popcorn Decorations

Have you ever wondered why we use popcorn to decorate during the holiday season? Seems like you can find it anywhere, whether it be on a Christmas tree, strung along a tabletop, or used as a centerpiece, it is the season to see popcorn.

The sight of popcorn brings about a feeling of joy knowing the holidays are nearby. It can also cause a hungry stomach to rumble with a desire to eat the beautifully decorated popcorn piece.

In either scenario, popcorn became a popular snack and holiday decoration because it was inexpensive and fun!

Here are some quick and easy popcorn decoration ideas.

DIY Popcorn Decorations

Before you begin making these delicious decorations, you want to first allow the popcorn to sit in an open environment for about 1 to 2 days. If you’re using a canister of Topsy’s popcorn, that means you should leave the popcorn tin open.

If you choose to just use a small amount of Topsy’s popcorn, it’s recommended to use what you need and seal the remainder with the lid provided along with the tin can. You’ll also want to have some fun things to go along with the popcorn-like dried cranberries.

Lastly, you’ll need a plastic yarn needle and some sort of thread. You can use waxed dental floss, sewing thread, or fishing wire.

Try one of these two ideas:

  1. Classic Popcorn Garland

Begin by measuring out about an arm’s length of thread. Thread it through the needle and tie it in a knot at the end. Then, very delicately, begin sliding popcorn kernels onto the thread. Do this until you have completed enough to decorate your tree or table!

  1. Fruit Garland

For a fruit garland, you want to make sure you are using dried cranberries. You can also use dried apples, pears, or oranges. Decide on your own design as you string together both the popcorn and fruit. Don’t be afraid to be extremely unique and create a full-on fruit garland.

Topsys gift canisters

Topsy’s Popcorn- A Holiday Tradition

Topsy’s Popcorn is a Kansas City-owned and operated company. We specialize in creating custom popcorn tin that contains a variety of flavors.

When you order from us online, you’re able to see the types of tins we offer as well as the combinations of flavors you can make. You’re also able to give us a call at (816) 523-5555 to order your popcorn tub.

We have a famous Kansas City popcorn tin that paints a beautiful visual of our Plaza Lights. These lights brighten our city every holiday season.

Be sure to stop by the next time your in Kansas City. Topsy’s Popcorn, it’s the good stuff!