Quick & Easy Chiefs Game Day Snack Ideas

Want a quick and easy game day snack? We got just the thing for you.

When it’s game day for the Chiefs and you’re looking for an easy snack to make just in time for everyone to come together and watch the game, Topsy’s is the best possible snack to get to satisfy everyone involved.

Popcorn party ideas are endless with this product and there is a wide variety of different flavors and types of popcorn to get that everyone watching the game will love!

Topsys popcorn tins and flavors

What is Topsys?

Topsy’s is a popcorn and ice cream shop that sells an array of different popcorn products that are widely acclaimed and has 12 different flavors that are all incredibly tasty.

Some of the flavors that Topsy’s sells for its popcorn are buttered popcorn, rich caramel, spicy cinnamon, tangy cheese, caramel with pecan nuts, and more.

The history of the company started in 1950 when it was registered as a company in Kansas City and ever since then it has been multiplying its stores with a franchise and expanding on its flavors.

A lot has happened with the company over time, including the founder Jerry Berger selling the interests of the company to a mortgage company and closing his position, but today, Topsy has become one of the top popcorn chain stores in America, with sales that are two to three times that of normal popcorn stores.

Why choose Topsys?

Aside from being ridiculously tasty and easy to make for everyone to eat and have fun with, Topsy’s is low in calories, bringing in from 150-200 calories per half a cup of popcorn, making this a snack that you can binge eat at a Chiefs game without feeling too bad about the number of calories you are eating.

As for finding easy snacks to make that are quick for game day, you can order popcorn tins directly online and they will be sent to you in a speedy time frame, just so you can be able to have the snacks ready for you before the game starts.

The tins that the popcorn is sold in are in gallons ranging from 2-6 gallons per tin, so there is more than enough food for everyone at the party to munch on for the entire runtime of the Chiefs game.

Even better about Topsy’s is that once you become a frequent buyer of their delicious popcorn, you can receive special discounts from their website and their company stores so that you can be able to buy more of their products at a cheaper price in the future.

You can also sign up for their newsletter so that you can receive weekly news about the company, promotions going on, sales for the store that are online and in person, and even more!

Chiefs popcorn tin


Get Topsy’s now! 

The popcorn party ideas with Topsy’s are endless! So come on to https://www.topsyspopcorn.com/ and get your popcorn today, or call (816) 523-5555 to get in touch with a representative at Topsy’s to get the perfect Chiefs game day snack!