10 Romantic Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

Love doesn’t have to cost a thing on Valentine’s Day.

Yes, diamonds are romantic. But they’re not the only small things that will make that special someone feel the love. Here are ten cheap Valentine’s Day gifts that have them feeling the love:

  1. Face Masks: Give the gift of relaxation. A cool face mask soothes tempers raised by work and other stresses of daily life. Throw in a bath bomb and nail polish for a spa-day starter kit.
  2. Zodiac Jewelry: Bonus points for a matching version for yourself to keep your valentine close to heart.
  3. Chores in a Bottle: A Valentine’s present can’t be cheaper than this. Doing chores for your valentine is the best way to speak the “Acts of Service” love language.Valentines Popcorn Tin
  4. Hot Sauces: Perfect for Kansas City Barbeque fans. Get a variety pack and test them out at dinners and grilling parties.
  5. Slippers: A cozy gift that no one can hate! Keep toes warm and floors clean.
  6. Chocolates and Wine: A pair as perfect as you and your partner. This is a Valentine’s Day classic for a reason.
  7. Build-a-Bear: This is a date night and a gift rolled into one. Create a one-of-a-kind bear for a one-of-a-kind relationship.
  8. A Romantic Book: Tailored for your special someone. Go the traditional route by purchasing a poetry book or romance novel. If that’s not their style, go with a thriller or a fascinating non-fiction work.
  9. Cast-Iron Skillet: A cheap gift that will last a lifetime. A cast-iron will get better with age and will endure as long as your relationship.
  10. Valentine Popcorn Tin: Topsy’s Valentine’s Day popcorn stands out against a sea of generic teddy bears and roses. It recalls movie nights spent together and is perfect for your next relaxing date.

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