Fall in Love with These Wine and Popcorn Pairings

There’s nothing more relaxing after a long week than wine night.  

As nice as it is to soak your feet, your bubble bath shouldn’t be the only thing that pops. Turn your night into a culinary adventure with wine and popcorn testing. Gather your friends, your lover, or just you and explore your inner sommelier.  

Valentines Popcorn TinWine Pairing with Caramel Popcorn 

Topsy’s sticky-sweet caramel popcorn is perfect for your rom-com movie moment. Sweet wine like Port makes a perfect dessert. Want a heartier flavor to bounce off the sugary taste? Opt for a Pinot Noir. This wine has fruity notes that enhance rather than distract from the caramel flavor.  

Wine Pairing with Cinnamon Popcorn 

There’s nothing more perfect for fall than spicy cinnamon popcorn and a hearty glass of wine. If you’re looking to warm up after a chilly day, make mulled wine. Mulled wine is comforting and has enough flavor to stand with cinnamon popcorn. If you don’t want to break out pots and spices, reach for a shiraz. The hints of black pepper and chocolate make this a favorite wine to pair with winter dishes. 

Wine Pairing with Cheese Popcorn 

You’ll love the rich cheddar taste of Topsy’s cheese popcorn. Cheddar popcorn has a bite, and it needs a flavorful wine to match it. Cabernet Sauvignon, with its bold fruity taste, is flavorful enough to balance cheese popcorn. More of a white wine person? Chardonnays, especially those aged in oak, pair well with cheese-flavored popcorn. 

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Explore Flavors with Topsy’s Popcorn 

These wine and popcorn pairings are a good way to expand your culinary palette. But there’s much more to learn. 

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