Classic Fall Movies & Popcorn Pairing

Fall is just a few days away and we all know that means two things: movies and popcorn.

During this season, we begin to settle in and enjoy more movie nights at home with the ones we love and there is nothing better than watching a classic fall movie together.

Here are three classic fall movies you can find on Netflix and a Topsy’s Popcorn pairing to go with it.

Cinnamon popcorn bags at TopsysAny Given Sunday

Do you remember the first time you attended a High School football game as a student?

Or the first time you went to your collegiate games with friends?

The smell of the grass, the stillness of the night air but the sound of noise all around you.

The aroma of Topsy’s Popcorn and nachos wafts through the air tempting game goers to the concession stands.

This is the feeling one would get as they enjoy the hyperactive interaction and intense conversations that are had in Any Given Sunday. Any Given Sunday is a film that was released on December 22nd, 1999.

The film focuses on the daily struggles a professional football team goes through on their climb to be the best in the NFL.

Any Given Sunday is packed with plenty of stars that we see today, including Jamie Foxx, Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz and many more. The level of intensity of this film can be paired with Topsy’s spicy sweet cinnamon popcorn available in stores and by visiting us online.

The Net The Best Kansas City Tradition at Topsys

Contrary to popular belief, remote work didn’t just begin during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, remote work began between 1994 and 1995.

Large companies such as AT&T and American Express found success in their employees working from home. Soon, that trend caught on and began to spread.

This was the premise of the technology thriller The Net, which was released on July 28, 1995. A young Sandra Bullock stars as Angela Bennett.

Angela Bennett is a systems analyst who works from home and finds out about a game that leads her to a commonly used computer security system. Finding this backdoor secret takes Bennett from being a remote worker to being on a speedboat fighting for her life with a mysterious disk that others want.

The Net ends with a twist that brings a bit of sweetness back into the film. Because of that, this movie pairs well with Topsy’s caramel popcorn.

This flavor and more are available by giving us a call at (816) 523-5555 or by visiting our online store.

Bags of TopsysIn Defense of a Married Man

Imagine a story about a successful woman who has it all. The home, the career, and the husband. There’s only one problem; he is suspected of murdering his lover and needs her to save him.

The wife is a lawyer, and she must examine the evidence she has on her hands, ask very detailed questions to defend her client and appear before a full court room to attempt to explain away why her client couldn’t possibly be suspected of murder.

Being married to her client is tough as she is finding out that her marriage was falling apart behind her back.

Suspense, drama, and steam are all part of this film, In Defense of a Married Man, that was released on October 14, 1990. This movie is a popcorn popper and Topsy’s buttered popcorn is just the flavor to add to try.

Whether you’d like to get our buttered popcorn flavor or a variety tin, Topsy’s Popcorn has you covered with our popcorn tins that can be purchased online or by stopping at one of our Kansas City locations.

Topsy’s Popcorn

Watching movies at home is always enhanced when upscale snacks and drinks are thrown into the mix. For this reason, Topsy’s Popcorn is the ideal treat to have while you kick up your feet and enjoy a classic movie. Visit us online or by giving us a call at (816) 523-5555 to pick up your popcorn today.