Cooking Popcorn

Did you know that popcorn contains more antioxidants than many vegetables and fruits? As much as it is delicious, popcorn can be a healthy treat. Another benefit of eating healthy popcorn is that the whole grain contains fiber, ideal for digestion.

So, how can you keep your popcorn healthy? Here are some ways you can make homemade caramel popcorn healthy.

Consider Air Popping Popcorn

Enjoying healthy popcorn starts with how you make them. Popping your popcorn snack at home can be exciting, but make sure you use healthy cooking methods.

Using an air popper will help you make popcorn without oils, meaning it has the lowest calorie content. Air popping is a fun and fast way of making healthy popcorn.

Beware of microwave-popped popcorn since it can have unhealthy fats. Instead, opt for organic popcorn since they are often superior in taste and texture.

Use Healthy Vegetable Oils

Making your popcorn in some oil can help you control hunger. Consuming a healthy fat portion will help you avoid common food pitfalls, especially if you are in a weight management program.

Healthy oils like avocado, canola, walnut, and olive oils can help make healthy popcorn. This is because they contain unsaturated fat content, which is healthy for use within the body.

Beware Of Additives and Chemical Sweeteners

Most additives and sweeteners can seem coo, but they contain hidden chemicals that can affect your calorie intake. Buttered popcorn, for instance, is a fan favorite, but the butter’s hidden chemicals can harm your health.

Also, avoid buying popcorn with anything more than basic popped kernel since every time you have additives, the popcorn becomes less healthy.

The Best Kansas City Tradition at Topsys

Topsy’s has numerous flavored popcorn to indulge your taste buds. Caramel flavors are particularly a fan favorite for people with a sweet tooth. Our sweeteners are organic and natural, ideal for making your snack stash great. As a result, our popcorns offer you a much healthier option for your snack stash than binging on candy.

Manage the Portion Size

Different popcorn kernel types make varying popcorn servings. This is often because some popcorn types can pop larger than others. You should understand the kind of popcorn you have and figure out how you can manage each serving.

Do not underestimate popcorn sizes; even a single cup can be too much popcorn. Managing the portions you cook and eat can help control your calorie intake. For instance, a single cup of plain popcorn can give you a calorie count of about 30. The calorie count goes up extremely fast every time you add toppings.

Go With Healthier Toppings

Topsys flavors in bags

Every topping will help bring out an extra flavor, but it is necessary that you only go with healthy options. Some toppings are too sugary, and although they add flavor, they might not be ideal for your heart. Try different spices and seasonings like hot sauce and cheese to improve the flavor of your popcorn.

Enjoy Your Healthy Popcorn

Making popcorn properly can have numerous health benefits; they are rich in fiber, potassium, and carbohydrates. Organic and healthy popcorn can be ideal for helping you through weight management.

Topsy’s has the best-flavored popcorn such as caramel options that can make the ideal treat. Shop through our flavor options like caramel, cheese, cinnamon, and butter, and choose your favorite mix. Purchase Topsy’s popcorn today and enjoy the magic taste in every bite.

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