Birthday Popcorn

7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Birthday Popcorn

So birthday season is almost upon us, and you may be thinking to yourself, “What should I get, my birthday friend?” Well, we have the perfect solution for you, birthday popcorn! Why give boring flowers or chocolate when you can give birthday popcorn?

Here are 7 tips on how to choose the best birthday popcorn.

  1. Birthday Popcorn FlavorsPopcorn gift tins

When choosing birthday popcorn, there are numerous flavors of treats you can include in your custom mix! The sky’s the limit on this one. We recommend sticking with one flavor of treat, but if you want to get creative, go ahead and throw some jelly beans in with your birthday popcorn. Just make sure to keep the jelly beans separate from the birthday popcorn to avoid soggy popcorn on your birthday celebration.

  1. Birthday Popcorn Mix

The birthday popcorn mix you choose is very important, as this determines what treats you will be able to include in your birthday-themed treat jar! When choosing birthday popcorn, it’s best to start small and increase quantities over time. A great place to begin is with classic kettle corn or butter-flavored popcorn cut into tiny pieces for sprinkles.

  1. Treat Jars3 flavors from Topsys

We recommend choosing a clear glass jar to hold the birthday popcorn mix in. You can use these jars to store other items or give birthday popcorn out as birthday party favors. Make sure you choose a big enough jar to hold all of the birthday popcorn you make, so it’s not overflowing everywhere when you distribute it.

  1. Birthday Candies

What kind of birthday would it be without birthday candy? Birthday candy should definitely be included in your custom birthday popcorn mix for friends! We recommend filling up your treat jar almost completely with birthday-themed candy to show how much you care. The birthday treat jar will look even better when it is filled up, so make sure to get enough birthday-themed candy.

  1. Clear Cellophane Bags

Getting gifts wrapped in birthday cellophane bags is a great way to keep the birthday popcorn fresh while adding an extra ‘wow’ factor to birthday gift giving. Many different colors are available for birthday cellophane bags, so mix and match them to decorate your birthday gift baskets! We recommend using birthday cellophane bags to store any leftover birthday popcorn that wasn’t used for gift-giving purposes.

  1. Birthday Popcorn TinTopsys TIn for birthdays

Tins are perfect for storing large quantities of treats, including birthday popcorn! They also make a great birthday party favor to give friends as birthday gifts. Fill up the birthday popcorn tin with birthday-themed candy, wedding cake flavored kettle corn or birthday-themed chocolate coins for a truly remarkable birthday experience.

  1. Traditional Birthday Themed Gifts

You may want to continue giving traditional birthday gifts such as flowers and chocolate as well as birthday popcorn. We recommend using cellophane bags to wrap these traditional birthday presents after holding onto them for a week or two because it can be challenging to find enough storage spaces for that many birthdays presents in your house.

When celebrating birthdays, there are countless gifts that people can give their friends and family. But if you want the perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthday, consider Birthday Popcorn! Order today!