Popcorn Recipe Ideas

Ten Delicious Ways to Use Popcorn

Popcorn’s great on its own, but sometimes you want to spice things up. Here are a couple of popcorn recipe experiments for you to test out. 

Chocolate Bark 

Double the crunch, double the flavor, double the goodness. Chocolate bark is easy to make and hits every flavor craving. 

Recipe from JustaTaste. 

Mix-In with Ice Cream 

There’s nothing better than cold ice cream to bring down the heat on a summer’s day. The salted caramel in this treat makes it extra decadent. 

Recipe from The Food Network. 

Granola Bar 

Planning to hit the trail? Keep the energy going by munching on these popcorn granola bars. 

Recipe from MyRecipes. 

Cheese Cinnamon Caramel flavors


An easy way to make a fancy treat. These bite-sized snacks are so good you might eat them in one go. 

Recipe from Keepin’ It Kind. 

Snack Mix 

Bring on the party! This crowd-sized snack contains everyone’s favorite snacks, including M&Ms, pretzels, and Teddy Grahams. 

Recipe from The Baker Mama. 

Kitchen Sink Cookies 

Have spare snacks? Throw them in some chocolate chip cookie dough for a twist on a classic! 

Recipe from Sugar Spun Run. 

flavored bags of Topsys treats


This recipe is perfect for budding bakers. This simple recipe creates a sweet bread that pairs well with a sweet jam or Nutella. 

Recipe from Food. 

Popcorn Balls 

These smell, feel, and taste like a carnival. This old-fashioned snack will never go out of style. 

Recipe from AllRecipes. 

Cake Topping 

A cake perfect for a red carpet event or a family gathering. This cake is gooey, crunchy, and stunning. 

Recipe from SouffleBombay. 

  • Movie Theater Mix 

Candy. Popcorn.  

Two classic movie snacks that are good apart and even better together. 

Recipe from Divas Can Cook. 

Get Creative with Topsys Gourmet Popcorn and your Popcorn Recipe

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