Why Popcorn Is A Great Snack To Bring To The Beach

It’s summertime, and for many of us that means just one thing: time to hit the beach! And of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without snacks to enjoy in between refreshing dips, intense volleyball matches, or masterpiece sandcastle creation. So what are you packing in your picnic basket or cooler? It might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but we would humbly suggest that Topsy’s gourmet popcorn makes a great beach snack!

Skeptical? Here’s are 3 reasons for Topsy’s popcorn deserves to tag along on your next beach trip:

1.    It Doesn’t Mind the Heat

Unlike a lot of foods you might consider bringing to the beach, you don’t need to worry about Topsy’s popcorn spoiling if it isn’t kept cold. In a sealed tin, Topsy’s popcorn can stay fresh for up to three weeks. And if it get a little warm once you’ve opened the tin, the worst that might happen is that your fingers get a little sticky.

2.    It Won’t Weigh You Down

Topsy’s popcorn won’t make your basket of snacks a chore to load in the car and carry around while you look for a nice spot to spread out your beach blankets and set up your umbrellas. It’s also a light snack for eating, so you won’t feel to sluggish for volleyball or swimming.

3.    It’s Delicious!

Of course, nothing else matters much if the snacks you bring to the beach aren’t fun to eat. Fortunately, the delicious taste of Topsy’s gourmet popcorn has become a decades-long Kansas City tradition. You can choose from traditional buttered popcorn, cheese popcorn, cinnamon popcorn, or caramel popcorn, or get two or three flavors in a single tin in our larger sizes.

As you plan your beach getaway, make sure to make a note to order a tin of Topsy’s popcorn or pick one up from our multiple locations around the Kansas City metro area before you hit the road!