Which Cheese is Used in Popcorn?

Finger-licking Topsy’s gourmet cheese popcorn? Don’t mind if we do. Having plain old popcorn for the umpteenth time can be tedious. Why not get creative and add a little bit of cheesy goodness to your favorite Topsy’s popcorn to get your taste buds going? Cheese popcorn could be the next big thing for your home’s movie night and party snacks.

What’s The Difference Between Gourmet Popcorn and Regular Popcorn?

Regular popcorn is manufactured through a highly automated process with little detail. On the other hand, gourmet popcorn is manufactured with much more care resulting in better quality popcorn. Gourmet popcorn is usually tastier and more aesthetically pleasing.

What is Popcorn Cheese Made of?

The ingredients list for cheese popcorn is concise. It primarily consists of cheese, popcorn, and various flavoring additives like salt.

enjoy the tasteGourmMost cheese popcorn recipes use cheddar cheese powder to get that intense cheesy, buttery flavor in every bite. However, a few recipes use mozzarella cheese. Cheddar cheese powder takes the cake if you are wondering which cheese is best for popcorn.

For best cheese popcorn results, use powdered cheddar. You can find powdered cheddar in your local grocery store. Cheddar cheese powder is made by dehydrating regular cheddar cheese. Low moisture content makes cheddar powder the perfect cheese for cheese popcorn because it does not make the popcorn soggy and hard to chew. You can use powdered cheese in many ways, but cheese popcorn is our absolute favorite.

Creative Ways to Add Flavor to Your Popcorn

Working with a tough crowd, you may feel pressured to impress your movie night guests. The last thing we want is blunt popcorn for your family or friends. Here are a few ways to spice up your cheese popcorn and get a hard-earned compliment by the night’s end.

• Fancy Truffle- Whether you use truffle oil or the real deal, the truffle is guaranteed to blow anyone away. This recipe is perfect for you if you are looking for fancy popcorn that can impress any palate.

Cheese Cinnamon Caramel flavors

• Try some Cajun- Cajun adds a little spice and savory taste to your popcorn. Add this to your popcorn, and every bite becomes a burst of flavor. You can get Cajun at your local grocery store at pocket-friendly prices.

• Wasabi and Ginger- If you want something unique, wasabi and ginger will add fiery notes to your popcorn. If your family loves spicy snacks, then wasabi is your go-to spice, thanks to its horseradish base. Add some ginger for aroma, and you have yourself custom-made popcorn for movie night.

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