Cheese Popcorn

Cheese popcorn is probably one of the most popular snacks in America and around the world today. Ever since it started growing in popularity at the end of the 1980’s, cheesy popcorn has become a staple treat for special occasions such as parties, get-togethers or for movie-goers all around the globe. While there are millions of people that enjoy a nice big bag of cheese popcorn, it’s even better when you taste the magic of Topsys cheese popcorn!Flavored bags from Topsys

Once you open a bag of our cheese popcorn, the scent will make you want to dive in to enjoy its savory and delicious flavor. Our cheese flavor is available in popcorn bags or a tin of popcorn in a variety of sizes

Topsys popcorn has become a Kansas City tradition for holidays, parties, special occasions, family get-togethers or whenever you take a few minutes to relax! Our popcorn bags and tins will put a smile on anybody’s face at any time of the year. Whether you choose one as a gift or to treat yourself, Topsys cheese popcorn should be at the top of your popcorn list!

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Here are some fun facts about cheese popcorn!

Fun Fact #1:

Humanity has been enjoying popcorn for thousands of years, and archaeological evidence suggests people have been popping this delicious snack since 4,700 BC, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that cheese popcorn was invented in Chicago, when manufacturers started experimenting with different flavors for this long-loved snack.

Fun Fact #2:

Cheesy popcorn is made with plain popcorn mixed with a delicious sharp cheddar flavored powder, but, even though cheddar is the universally chosen flavor, you can actually make cheese popcorn with any type of cheese that you can grind into a fine powder, including parmesan, romano, asiago, provolone and many more!

Fun Fact #3:

Cheese popcorn bags and tins are possibly the most popular holiday gifts of all times. Once the weather starts cooling down and Halloween starts getting closer, you can find an incredible number of designs and sizes wherever you may go. At Topsy’s our beautifully decorated containers are filled with deliciously fresh popcorn in three different flavors: cheesy popcorn, caramel, and cinnamon. You can choose anything from a single flavor to a combination of all three to enjoy with friends and family during the holiday season.Topsys gift canisters

Fun Fact #4:

America loves popcorn so much that March 9th has been designated National Popcorn Lover’s Day, and even though a holiday to celebrate cheese popcorn still hasn’t been officially named, June 4th is National Cheese Day, so now we have an excuse to celebrate cheese popcorn twice every year!

Fun Fact #5:

Because of its very low glycemic load, popcorn has become a favorite snack for diabetics, and cheesy popcorn is no exception. Cheese popcorn makes for a perfectly healthy comfort food and can prove to be a great substitute for other, less healthy snacking choices.