Chiefs Super Bowl 58 Popcorn Tin

The Kansas City Chiefs are a KC tradition and after Super Bowl 58, they’re also four-time Super Bowl champions!

Topsy’s popcorn celebrates the victory with Kansas City offering special Super Bowl promotions!

Chiefs Popcorn Tins

Special discounts are offered on Chiefs-themed popcorn tins to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl 58 victory!

$2 off on a 1-gallon tin and $5 off on a 3-gallon tin for a limited time using the promo code “CHIEFS” for online and in-store purchases of Chiefs tins!

Chiefs Popcorn Tin Offer

Additionally, we have a special offer for a Chiefs Super Bowl tin priced at $56.95, among other deals like a 6.5 Gallon tin for $63.95 and a freshly popped 3.5 Gallon tin for $41.95​!

Chiefs Super Bowl 58 Offer

Topsy’s popcorn provided Chiefs Kingdom with a great treat for snacking during the game and post-game celebrations after the Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl LVIII.

Topsy’s popcorn deals helped fans enhance their game-day experience for Super Bowl 58 with delicious treats, and these commemorative tins represent a unique opportunity for fans to celebrate their favorite team’s success as world champions​!

But don’t be sad if you’re a 49ers fan. Although your team didn’t win the game, you can still taste the experience of Kansas City Tradition of Topsy’s Popcorn!

Not only is Topsy’s popcorn great for celebrations and joyous occasions, it’s also a great snack to help you feel better when you’re feeling the blues!

Whether your team won or lost… enjoy the Kansas City experience and taste the tradition of Topsy’s popcorn today!

Order your Chiefs Super Bowl 58 Popcorn Tin today!

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