Chiefs Tin

Ah, the Kansas City Chiefs. Not only do they make game days exciting, but their iconic colors and logo also resonate deep within the heart of Kansas City. Much like our beloved Chiefs, Topsy’s Popcorn shares an intricate relationship with colors and flavors that make us who we are. Let’s take a journey through the colors and symbols that unite two of Kansas City’s most cherished brands.

Chiefs popcorn tin

The Unique Hue of Chiefs’ Red

Back in 1960, when teams were choosing from a palette of standard colors, the Chiefs decided to stand out. They introduced a custom deep red, a hue that was not only unique but was rich, vibrant, and instantly recognizable. This signature red isn’t just a color; it’s an emotion, a passion, and a symbol of the team’s commitment to excellence.

The KC Symbol

Even during their earlier days, the unmistakable ‘KC’ symbol adorned the Chiefs’ logo. While the city changed from Dallas to Kansas City, the heart of the logo remained consistent. The iconic outer shape encompassing the ‘KC’ has seen countless games, celebrations, and memories.

It’s not just a logo; it’s a piece of history, and it stands testament to the team’s deep-rooted legacy.

Accentuating the deep red, the Chiefs employ a rich yellow and classic white. The yellow brings warmth, energy, and brightness, while the white offers purity, simplicity, and elegance. Together, these colors create a tricolor palette that’s as eye-catching on the field as it is off it.

Topsy’s Popcorn: Echoing Chiefs’ Colors with Flavor

At Topsy’s, we share the Chiefs’ passion for distinct colors with our natural flavors. Our buttery yellow popcorn mirrors the rich yellow of the Chiefs, exuding warmth with every bite. The sweet & spicy cinnamon red popcorn is a delightful nod to the Chiefs’ unique red, offering a taste that’s bold and unforgettable. And, of course, our plain popcorn embodies the pure essence of the classic white.

Our custom mix also includes pretzels, giving you an extra crunch and flavor to enjoy!

Popcorn and Football: A Match Made in Kansas City

Just as the Chiefs’ colors are more than just colors, Topsy’s popcorn is more than just a snack. It’s an experience, a tradition, and a taste of Kansas City’s spirit.

So, as you gear up for the next Chiefs’ game or simply want to enjoy flavors that echo the legacy of Kansas City, grab a bag of Topsy’s Popcorn.

Support the Chiefs, savor the flavors, and let’s celebrate the colors that unite us.

Ready to make your game day extra special? Grab a tin of Topsy’s popcorn and taste the legacy!