Popcorn Gift Tins

Gourmet popcorn gift tins are a popular choice for almost any gift-giving occasion. From holidays and birthdays to corporate events and “just because” moments, these tins offer a delicious mix of flavor, fun, and novelty.

Topsys flavored popcorn comes in various tin sizes making an excellent tasty snack for any occasion.

Mixing Your Popcorn Tin

A popular choice among our gift tins is to add a little flavor to the mix. Popular choices are mixing caramel, cinnamon and cheese for a tri-popcorn mix. Other popular choices are simply splitting the popcorn tin in 2 for a cheese and cinnamon combo or a caramel and cinnamon combo. Some prefer the traditional cheese popcorn to fill an entire tin, but in any case, our tins are available to mix your choice of popcorn flavors to fit any occasion.

Popular Popcorn Mix

Popcorn Tin Sizes and Service Options

Gourmet popcorn tins come in various sizes, catering to different needs and occasions. Smaller tins can make a perfect personal gift for a friend, while larger tin sizes are ideal for multiple people such as a family gift, party gift, or to serve as a community popcorn hub!


2 Gallon Topsys Popcorn Tins
2 Gallon popcorn tins

Perfect for individuals or smaller gift occasions!

3.5 Gallon Topsys Popcorn Tins

3.5 Gallon popcorn tins
Excellent choice to have next to your couch for movie night!

6.5 Gallon Topsys Popcorn Tins

6.5 Gallon popcorn tins

Perfect for any gift-giving occasion!

Topsys ships all across the United States directly to your gift recipient!

Seasonal and Thematic Designs

Topsys gourmet popcorn tins are renowned for their festive designs. Tins often feature vibrant Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s themes and also include designs for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, and more. Beyond seasonal designs, there are also thematic options suitable for movie nights, sports events, and other special occasions, making the gift both enjoyable and fitting for the event.

Popcorn Tin Freshness

Topsys popcorn tins are designed to keep your popcorn fresh. Tins come sealed to ensure freshness and that your popcorn remains crisp and delicious for weeks, making a delicious tasting gift to be enjoyed over time.

Gourmet popcorn gift tins offer a delicious blend of flavor, personalization, and convenience, making them a popular gift choice for almost any event or gift-giving occasion. Popcorn gift tins  cater to any taste and the added appeal of beautiful, reusable tins, represent a thoughtful and versatile option that’s sure to bring joy to any recipient.

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