Special Event Popcorn

Popcorn for Special Events

At Topsy’s, we know that popcorn is a desired tasty treat at every event. Here are just a few of the special events that can be enhanced with popcorn.

  1. Bridal Showers

Caramel popcorn isn’t as sweet as true love, but it comes close. Popcorn can even enhance the décor with individual containers and an on-theme popcorn bar.

  1. Corporate Events

Give your coworkers and clients something to look forward to during a stressful meeting. Topsy’s multi-flavored popcorn tins make sure that there’s something for every kind of tastebud.

  1. Fourth of July Barbecue

Because fireworks aren’t the only pop on Independence Day. We think that our cinnamon-flavored popcorn pairs perfectly with KC BBQ sauce, but you do you.

  1. Game Day

Happy Fathers Day Pop CornShow your Chiefs pride by tasting KC tradition! Topsy’s cheese popcorn tin is perfect for bringing to games. Be sure to get the chiefs tin to show who you’re rooting for.

  1. Father’s Day

Is your Dad impossible to shop for? Even the pickiest of Dads love munching on popcorn. Give the gift of popcorn to your dad, mom, teachers, and everyone else you want to share your appreciation with.

Popcorn for Special Events

Topsy’s popcorn tins make any occasion just a little more special. Our multi-flavored tins satisfy sweet and spicy cravings.

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