Party Popcorn

Party Popcorn and Other Ideas to Make Meetings Fun

Topsy’s Popcorn knows that party popcorn flips frowns upside down at meetings. However, we’ll admit it’s not the only way to make meetings a little more exciting. Here are some ways to turn meetings from a chore to something everyone can look forward to.

  • Make Sure Everyone Contributes

Everyone in is the company because they improve the business. Instead of having one person present, ask questions and get some ideas. Not only does this lead to improvement, but it also lets employees know that they’re appreciated.

  • Create Engaging Games

Because you can never be too old for games. Offer rewards, such as coffee or cheese popcorn, to those who pitch good ideas. Ask questions about strategies and have employees guess the answer. These games have employees participating in strategy rather than watching it from the sidelines.

  • Celebrate Accomplishments

Make sure to shout out employees that have done outstanding work. This can make heavy-handed meetings a little lighter. Be sure to leave the floor open to your employees to share their appreciation for their coworkers and friends. Little compliments go a long way in building company culture.

  • Add a Few Jokes to Your Presentation

Popcorn gift tins and bagsYes, corporate jokes can be corny. But no one can resist laughing at a meme thrown in a presentation or a well-timed dad joke. If anything, its corniness can make a corporate joke more charming.

  • Have Some Ice Breakers

Use meetings as an opportunity to build company culture. Have your team share fun facts about each other or play three truths or a lie. You never know what you can discover about your coworkers.

Bring Party Popcorn to Your Meeting

Don’t let your employees leave a meeting tired and hungry. Topsy’s popcorn tins are large enough to feed a crowd. Celebrate your company with cinnamon, cheese, and caramel popcorn.

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