How To Repurpose A Popcorn Tin

Repurpose A Popcorn Tin

Popcorn tins empty out fast because they’re awesome all around. First there’s the delicious pleasure of getting one full of chewy, crunchy, sweet, salty or other kinds of popcorn mixes, then there’s all the use they offer once empty.

That’s right, if you’ve been given one as a gift or simply found some popcorn tins for sale before a special occasion, the tough, roomy, round metal containers are just about perfect for DIY reuse. Do yourself a major favor by not throwing them away. Here are a few craft ideas that we recommend.

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1. Household Storage Containers

This is a simple and obvious suggestion that comes to mind right away with popcorn tins. After all, they exist for just that, storing something edible. Because of this, you can easily repurpose them for keeping kitchen utensils, dry goods, dog food or just about anything you like in a nicely dry, air tight sealed container. As a bonus, repaint your tins and stencil decorative labels on them describing what each is supposed to hold.

2. Time Capsules

Bought a popcorn tin for your kids during some special event like a birthday, Christmas or elementary school graduation party? Why not make it even more memorable by turning the tin you got that year into a cozy little time capsule with a bunch of important mementos for a set future opening date. Maybe your son or daughter had their 10th birthday and it featured delicious tinned popcorn? Pack away several memorable items from those days and reopen the tin on their 20th birthday. You’ll enjoy a unique nostalgic glimpse into the past.

3. Gift Boxes

Popcorn tins are durable and easy to redecorate. This makes them perfect as gift boxes for the right kinds of items. You can keep things simple by simply reusing the tin as is and covering it in gift paper, or you can up the special touch factor by painting and labeling your tins with unique gift-related messages.

4. Lampshades

Believe it or not, upturned popcorn tins can make excellent lampshades if used with the right kind of table lamp. They’ll fully block light except along their bottoms, but this can make them ideal for low-light table lamps that add a cozy touch to bedrooms and reading corners. We recommend painting the tin’s exterior in a color that matches your décor and then drilling a small hole into the middle of its bottom for easy screw-in attachment to the part of your lamp where its ordinary shade would go.

5. Flower and Shade Plant Pots

Popcorn tins are a great choice as flower and plant pots with just a few little modifications. First, you might want to paint them for a unique and simple decorative style. Secondly, you should puncture a few holes along their bottoms for drainage. With these things done, you’re good to go on filling them with substrate and your favorite household plants. A good thing about tin is that it’s great at retaining moist substances without corrosion. Just be careful about leaving your DIY planters in the hot sun, because the metal can heat up enough to harm delicate plants.

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Running Out of Popcorn Tins? No Problem

Once you get into the habit of reusing your popcorn tins, you might find yourself wanting to buy even more of them for DIY reasons beyond their tasty original purpose. If this is your situation, then Topsy’s Popcorn has got you covered. Our flavorful selection of popcorn tin packages lets you enjoy your favorite popcorn flavors in popcorn tin 3 flavor packages or individual variety containers while having the robustly made 1 to 6.5 gallon tin containers for later creative uses.

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