Why are Popcorn Tins a Thing?

The humble popped corn (or popcorn) has been around forever. Archaeological evidence suggests that it dates as far back as 4,700BC.

Popcorn soared in popularity during the Great Depression due to its affordability. The popcorn industry became a lifeline for many struggling farmers.

During WWII, when sugar rations were low, Americans tripled their popcorn consumption.

Today, popcorn is as popular as it ever was. When the holiday season draws near, what better gift to give than a pretty tin of flavored popcorn.

A Pretty Tin of Popcorn?

Christmas popcorn tinIt all started with empty oil cans.

Topsy’s popcorn had an oil can problem. They were expensive to get rid of yet took too much space to stay. There had to be a middle way.

Then they remembered: These oil cans were food grade. Why not use the cans as packaging for popcorn? And so, the popcorn tin was born. That’s why the original popcorn tin held six and a half gallons.

Let that sink in—six and a half gallons of popcorn.

Soon, everybody was selling popcorn in tins. At first, the tins were plain silver. But it wasn’t long before competitors started painting their tins by hand. But Topsy’s was selling so many tins, they were unable to keep up with the demand for hand-painting each one. They had to find a way to print designs on their tins. So they did, with the help of the Ohio Art Company. Today, Topsy’s printed popcorn tins are very popular with both collectors and crafters.

To think that it all started with humble popcorn!

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Repurposing Your Empty Popcorn Tin

So, you’ve finished the popcorn and it’s such a lovely tin that you can’t imagine throwing it away. Here are five things you could do with your empty popcorn tin.

  1. Order a popcorn refill
  2. Storage for snacks or pet food
  3. Trash can
  4. Footrest
  5. Storage for craft supplies

Celebrate Tradition with Topsy’s Popcorn

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