What Can You Do with Leftover Popcorn?

There’s something magical about settling in for a good movie or TV show with a big tin of popcorn by your side. Popcorn is the ultimate food companion for your favorite streaming app. Whether you are diving into a thrilling action movie, binge-watching the latest hit series, or sharing a family-friendly animated film with the little ones, popcorn fits the occasion perfectly.

Topsy’s popcorn isn’t just a loyal movie companion—it’s an irresistible snack that transcends the cinematic experience. With its array of flavors to suit all taste buds, from the classic butter to the adventurous cinnamon, every tin of Topsy’s popcorn is a cornucopia of delights.

But what happens when the credits roll, the screen goes dark, and you’re left with an almost full tin of Topsy’s popcorn? The end of your movie night doesn’t have to mean the end of your popcorn enjoyment. In fact, it’s the start of a new opportunity to get creative with this versatile snack.

Leftover popcorn has potential far beyond the silver screen. It can reinvent itself as an exciting ingredient in your kitchen or serve as a surprising element in your crafts. From sweet treats to savory surprises, every kernel of Topsy’s popcorn can embark on a new flavorful journey.

Topsys flavors in bagsPopcorn Desserts

Topsy’s popcorn transcends its role as a mere movie sidekick—it’s an irresistible snack that enriches your everyday eating experience. The myriad of flavors we offer, from the comforting classic butter to the boldly adventurous cinnamon, ensure that every tin of Topsy’s popcorn is a treasure chest of gastronomic delights waiting to be savored.

The potential of leftover popcorn stretches far beyond the boundaries of the silver screen. It can start as a surprise ingredient in your kitchen, breathing life into both sweet and savory dishes. Imagine eating popcorn incorporated into scrumptious desserts—a hint of crunch in your cookies, a surprising layer in your brownies, or an innovative topping on your ice cream. It’s all about letting each kernel of Topsy’s popcorn embark on a new, exciting journey that pleases your palate in ways you never imagined.

Likewise, it can add a surprising twist to your arts and crafts activities, making for fun DIY projects with the kids.

Popcorn in Your Main Meals

Popcorn can be an exciting addition to your main meals too. Add crunch to your salad with leftover popcorn. It’s a fun way to add texture and a whole-grain element to your greens.

You could also add a handful of popcorn to your bowl of soup or chili. It will soak up the flavors while providing a delightful crunchy contrast. With these innovative uses of leftover popcorn, every kernel of Topsy’s popcorn gets put to clever use. But let’s face it, our popcorn is so delicious, you’ll rarely have any leftovers!

Order Your Topsy’s Popcorn Now

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