Sweet & Salty Popcorn Tins

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Sweet & Salty Popcorn; Dance With Your Taste Buds

Meet Topsy’s Popcorn in Kansas City.

We’re the sweet and salty gourmet popcorn your taste buds are craving. We offer a wide range of flavors and tins, so you can find the perfect mix to suit your preferences.

We’re proud to say that our gourmet popcorn tins are “the talk of the town” in Kansas City! Our tins come in several sizes, so you can choose the perfect gift for your friends and family. Or treat yourself!

Our popcorn is always fresh, delicious, and made with love.

Popcorn Tins

At Topsy’s, we believe that popcorn is the perfect snack. And we want to help you enjoy it more often by providing you with sweet & salty popcorn tins.

We’ve got popcorn tins in every shape and size—from decorative tins that look great on your mantelpiece to gourmet popcorn tins that are perfect for snacking on while watching your favorite movie.

Just click on our website and choose from our many varieties of tins.

Holiday Tins

Does your heart sing at the thought of a decorative popcorn tin? We’re here to help.

At Topsy’s Popcorn, we’ve got all the holiday-themed tins you need to make each season special.

Our gourmet popcorn tins come in different sizes and they’re all made with an airtight seal that locks in freshness and keeps out pests, so whatever flavor you choose, it’ll stay as crunchy and delicious as the day it was popped!

Order holiday popcorn tins at Topsy’s today!

Custom Popcorn Tins for Special Events

Are you looking for the perfect popcorn tin for your next special event?

Topsy’s has you covered. With a wide range of customized popcorn tins, we can help you make any event an even more memorable one! We have options in small, medium, and large sizes. You can choose from a variety of colors, themes, and designs to make sure that your popcorn tin is perfect for the occasion.

Our custom popcorn tins are great for holiday gifts, corporate giveaways, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthday parties or just to say “thank you” to your favorite person or group of people.

Get started on your order today by visiting our website or calling us on 816-523-5222.

Reuse Your Empty Popcorn Tin

If you’ve ever visited Topsy’s Popcorn, then you know how much we love our popcorn tins.

But what do you do with all those empty popcorn tins when your delicious treat is gone? Here are some ideas for reusing them!

  1. Make a special gift for someone in your life
  2. A pen holder
  3. A mini planter
  4. A vase or cup for flowers or plants
  5. A mini trash can

Gift Tins

Topsy’s Popcorn Tins: Sweet & Salty Snacks To Keep On Hand

At Topsy’s Popcorn, our popcorn tins are always fresh and delicious. Our team of experts has spent years developing our line of sweet & salty popcorn tins, and we’re proud to offer them in Kansas City.

If you’re looking for a unique gift that doesn’t break the bank don’t bother to google popcorn tins near me, consider a Topsy’s Popcorn tin. They make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just because!

Visit our website or call at 816-523-5222 to place an order today!