Thanksgiving Popcorn

Cheese Cinnamon Caramel flavorsThanksgiving is a day where people all over the country gather together to give thanks for things we are grateful for while indulging in delicious food. From turkeys to hams, and potatoes to pies, those who love Thanksgiving never forget the most desired food and treats while celebrating this day!

Thanksgiving popcorn from Topsys should be a part of the feast!

While you’re reminiscing on the things to be grateful for while grabbing a giant handful of Topsys flavored popcorn after your Thanksgiving meal, how about remembering to be thankful for the origins of popcorn on Thanksgiving.

Popcorn on Thanksgivingcinnamon cheese caramel in tin

In 1621, two culturally diverse groups of people came together to share a meal and celebrate their traditions of an autumn feast of thanksgiving. These were the pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe.

Unfortunately, the pilgrims at Plymouth, nor the natives probably bonded by tossing popcorn in the air to catch in their mouths as the corn grown in the area during that time was good for corn based foods but the kernels weren’t good for popping.

However, many other native groups around the world, including the Iroquois in upstate New York, had long grown a variety of corn which worked very well for popping. A love of popcorn, began, and soon became popular as settlers learned the nifty trick from native neighbors. The art of popcorn! Now, this tasty, delicious, and popular snack is one of the most popular taste bud treats in the United States.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday more with Thanksgiving popcorn from Topsys!